Andrew Shinm bio imageAndrew Shinn has been starting businesses since he was 10 years old. His first was a franchise (a paper route) and his second, started at age 16, was a firewood company. As a photographer, he’s sold more than $2.5 million in photos, and he’s also owned an art gallery. He’s mentored entrepreneurship students and entrepreneurs though the process of starting businesses as diverse as a soap company, an organic egg farm, a t-shirt company for Autism awareness, a skateboard company, and a lifestyle brand for millennials. His favorite project so far was an opportunity assessment and distribution plan for an AIDS vaccine with researchers working toward that goal.

Andrew earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Eastern Nazarene College in Massachusetts in 2005, and his Master’s Degree in Business with a concentration in Entrepreneurship from the Craig School of Business at California State University Fresno in 2013.

He’s spoken to conferences of entrepreneurship educators and entrepreneurs about experimentation, lean startup practices, test businesses, and businesses in creativity and the arts.

You can find Andrew’s photography over at www.shinnphoto.com.